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Dining Room Trends

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Give your dining room a sophisticated and organic new look with luxurious textures and natural materials. Introduce the colour trend to your dining room to add modern vibe. Combine marble and wood to create timeless and functional space. Natural tones of wood and marble finishes provide the perfect contrast and create beautiful and harmonious interior scheme.

Colour scheme

Pink Blush from Oak planks from HD Astbury Grey Matt tile

Bring colour into your dining room without creating over-whelming statement. Calming tones of pink are on trend now and are the perfect choice to achieve warm and simple look in your interior.

Blush Pink from Little Green Paint Company is perfect to team with neutrals to achieve fresh and modern scheme. Neutral wood flooring will let the colour shine through or pair it with marble effect Grey Matt Floor ceramic tile from British Ceramic Tile for the perfect balance.

Wall and Floor finishings

Belgravia Honed Marble Hexa Cotton Porcelain mosaic Mimica Carrara Matt Porcelain

Hexa Blush Porcelain Mosaic Folded Collection Porcelain tile

Choose matt surface finish tiles over polished. Honed finish will create a modern feel and will

add sophisticated look to your dining area.

You can add character to your walls or floors introducing textured tiles that are currently on trend. Tactile element will add personal touch and softness to the hard surface. Stylish Hexa Porcelain Mosaic tiles from Mandarin Store come in Blush, Sage, Cotton or Navy and will create great feature wall or floor.

Folded Collection from Domus tiles explores the effects of folded and unfolded paper. They discovered the more random the folds, the more natural and aesthetically involving the results.


AAC 43 Chair Milano Table Block Table

Keep it simple and functional. Create a sense of rhythm and harmony by using restrained palette of materials and colours.Introduce Scandinavian style to your dining interior with Milano Table from BoConcept. This modern table with its slim legs will add balance to any design scheme.

Combine with beautiful yet comfortable AAC 43 chair from Hay, choose from the wide range of shell colours, upholstery options and finish choices. Multifunctional Block Table from Normann Copenhagen can act as a a serving trolley or a side table, in the kitchen, as a home bar or even a bedside table.


Rota Pendant Stefan Gang Lamp Ficon Circus Pendant

URBI ET ORBI GANTlights Schneid

Bring industrial element to an elegant space with handmade by cast concrete ROTA pendant from URBI ET ORBI. They use a unique reinforced mixture of cement, additives enhancers and special aggregates which ensures the highest quality of the product. Every piece may appears with colour tone variants and several air holes at its surface as a natural characteristic of concrete.

Provide a visual focus over the dining table with elegant and timeless designer lamp by Stefan Gang from GANTlights. It combines modern copper sheet with rough concrete, resulting into a stunning aesthetic contrast. This lamp can be combined with any style because of its minimalistic design and the contrasting materials.

To create relaxed and informal dining area, add accent with Eikon Circus pendant from Schneid. The shape of the shade evokes memories of a traditional circus tent. Harmonious"pale pink”and "oak" combination will add softness and bring elegance to the scheme.

Do not forget candles on the table as an excellent way to add focus, softness and movement.


Salt and Pepper Globe Vase large Mr Clarke Wall Clock Pleat Storm Lantern

BoConcept AYTM Newgate LSA

Finer details such artwork and accessories can bring space alive.

Opt for striking accessories to complement the mix of textures and to create an individual look. Natural marble , brass, mouth-blown by artisans glass will add luxurious touch and create sleek contemporary look.

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